The Old Woman and the Piano

Support for adults (and teens) studying the piano

Who in the world is that old woman, and what does she know??

Excluding sentient beings, the love of my life has always been the piano.  I loved the piano as a child, but then you become a teenager and you become…well…distracted.  Life takes over, and you feel pulled to make “responsible” choices.  In my case, I got a non-musical education, raised a family, and worked for 30 years at a job I didn’t really like.

But now is my time.  I’m retired (just a little bit early, but I couldn’t stand it one more day), don’t have any household responsibilities (my husband is wonderful and also retired), or meetings to attend.  I have returned to my love, the piano.

And not in a casual way, make no mistake.  I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student studying piano performance at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Central Pennsylvania.  I am currently a Junior!  Admittedly, this is not the most responsible thing I have ever done (university tuition is expensive!), but it has definitely been the smartest, most fun, and definitely a peak experience of my life.